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Problem 5: Is the deoxyribose ring flat or puckered?

Do all the atoms of the sugar ring lie in the same plane? (Note: You can measure this directly by clicking on 4 consecutive ring atoms with the dihedral angle tool at the far right of the tool bar. If the ring is planar, the measured angle will be close to either 0 or 180 degrees).


sugar ring

Only 4 of the 5 atoms of the deoxyribose sugar ring are close to being in the same plane. If we measure the angle between carbon atoms 1-2 and carbon atoms 3-4 with the dihedral angle tool as shown in the illustration, the angle of pucker in the ring is measured to be -25.97 degrees for the example chosen.

To measure the dihedral angle as shown:

  1. Select the view "Sugar (deoxyribose)"
  2. Click on the dihedral angle tool at the far right of the toolbar.
  3. Click on the 4 consecutive carbon atoms of the sugar ring, beginning next to the oxygen atom.
  4. Note the dihedral angle in the information box below the molecule.

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