The Biology Project: Biochemistry  

Large Molecules Problem Set

Problem 2: Identification of biological molecules

2. The structure on the left is a(n) _________________, and the structure on the right is a(n)_________________.

The molecule on the left has  of 2 ring structures with an O atom in the ring and it ratio of C, H, O is 1:2:1. The molecule on the right has an amino group and a carboxyl group.

A. lipid, polypeptide
B. carbohydrate, lipid

carbohydrate, amino acid

Carbohydrates have the general formula of C(H2O), with abundant hydroxyl groups (-OH); amino acids have conserved amino and carboxyl groups, and variable R-groups all attached to the alpha carbon. Valine is the amino acid illustrated.

D. nucleotide, amino acid
E. nucleotide, carbohydrate

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