Chemicals & Human Health

Toxicology Problem Set

Problem 3: Routes of entry

Which of the following is NOT a possible route of entry for a hazard?

A. ingestion
B. absorption
C. exposure
To cause harm to a person a hazard must enter the body. Merely being exposed will not cause harm if the hazard does not actually enter the body. There are three primary ways that a hazard can get into humans: through the gut, called ingestion; through the skin, called absorption; and through the lungs, called inhalation.

For example, a pack of cigarettes in a man's shirt pocket does not cause harm to him because nothing from the cigarettes has entered his body. If, however, he smokes one of the cigarettes, the smoke has entered his body through his lungs and can cause harm.

D. inhalation

Toxicology Problem Set Chemicals & Human Health

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