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Genetic Drift Simulation

Teacher's Notes

Manual Version

Learning objectives: The manual version of the simulation is optional, but recommended because it is designed to help students understand:
  1. how the computer simulation works
  2. the nature of "randomness".
Classroom time:10-15 minutes
Worksheet: Download and print the Worm Worksheet in PDF format.
To read PDF files, you may need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Classroom organization: If possible, have students work in pairs or small groups around a computer. Print out and photocopy worksheets before class so students do not have to deal with printing worksheets during class.
Supplies: Each group of students needs the Worm Worksheet and colored pencils in 5 different colors.
System requirements: If you have a projection system hooked up to a computer, it may be useful to project the instructions and go over them briefly. The manual simulation requires an Internet-connected computer for the virtual 5-sided die.
A computer-free alternative is to use a random number table or regular die and only use numbers 1-5.

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