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Human Genetics

Human Genome Project Information This is the home page constructed by the Human genome management information System. This link contains ideas on mapping research, ethical, social, and legal issues dealing with genetics. The site contains useful information on the Human genome Project. Very intersting.
GenLink GenLink is a rich resource for human genetics. This site contains human meiotic maps and additional information.
Human Genome Centers Contained here is a list of many exciting links to Human Genome centers. Enjoy!
Cooperative Human Linkage Center CHLC concentrates on genetic mapping. Here, useful publications, maps, and a listing of a variety of genetic markers are accessible.
Illinois State University Genetic Site Illinois State University has provided a gold mine for all those interested in human genetics and many specific animal genomes.
Genetics (Biosciences) Many links to genetic research centers are located within this site. Other interests include international genetic data bases as well as genetic maps and genetic information on eukaryotic organisms.

DNA Forensics

University of Virginia: Paternity case University of Virginia has provided a short simple case study of a paternity case. Study the case for added knowledge.
Interview with a DNA forensic expert This interview is helpful on understanding what a DNA forensic expert does with their time. many questions were answered by Dr. Bruce Weir and the interview is very informative. Enjoy!
Gen Test Laboratories, Inc. An excellent source of knowledge on DNA forensics. Gen Test Laboratories focus their attention on paternity and forensic cases. I highly recommend this one!

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