Blackett Family DNA Activity

Problem 7: Hint

Are there any 1-locus matches between non-Blackett family members?

Lanes 4-6 are unrelated individuals. At times, bands in these lanes will match other individuals tested. There is always a chance of having matched alleles for unrelated individuals.
For example, you determine that an unrelated individual has a match for a band with a Blackett family member. If you were the DNA analysist for this probe on the left, what is one way to determine whether or not lane 4 is not related to lane 9? Remember, the question above is asking for any "1-locus matches".

The best way to answer paternity for this question is to determine if that same individual (lane 4) has the same band match with another 1-locus probe. If the lane 4 continues to share bands with lane 9 on different one-locus probes, then these two individuals might be related.

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