The Biology Project: Microbiology & Immunology

Problem Sets & Tutorials

Immunology (in prep) Learn about the basic players in the immune response.(old problem set)


AIDS Lab (under revision) Use this laboratory simulation in your classroom to teach about the spread of a hypothetical disease causing agent, and show how the presence of antibodies in a sample of body fluid can be used to determine if individuals are infectious.

The Elisa Assay Understand how an ELISA is performed, learn what serum components are measured in an ELISA, and be able to explain how an ELISA test is used to detect sero-positivity for HIV or any other pathogen.

Western Blotting Analysis Learn why a western blot is a confirmatory test for HIV positivity, what serum components are measured in an ELISA, and how a western blot is performed.

WWW Resources

The Body is a multimedia AIDS and HIV resource, with lots of great information on the science and sociology of HIV.

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