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External Links to HIV/AIDS Information


WHO and UNAids, with details of the 3 by 5 program
AEGIS -AIDS Education Global Information System
AEGIS features daily news stories re: HIV/AIDS, updated hourly. This site contains good resources for people living with HIV.

CDCNPIN -Centers for Disease Control National Prevention Information Network
This site includes links to AIDS information databases, distance education materials, information for dealing with AIDS in the workplace, and contact information for health information specialists.

National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health
This site presents recent research articles related to HIV/AIDS diagnosis, prevention, therapy, nutrition, and infected infants/children. This site provides high quality links to government and other agency resources by category.

National Institutes of Health-Office of AIDS research
Also an NIH site, this one includes information regarding scientific, budgetary, legislative and policy issues of NIH-affiliated AIDS research, including web broadcasts of AIDS-related meetings.

HIV InSite
Produced by the faculty and staff of the University of California-San Francisco AIDS program, HIV InSite provides excellent information for laypeople, physicians and AIDS researchers. This site includes medical information, statistics/epidemiology, prevention and education, social issues, international HIV/AIDS issues, and an "Ask HIV InSite" online forum. The site also includes archives of HIV/AIDS related articles published in the New York Times since 1981, and audio archives of recent HIV/AIDS related presentations.

Johns Hopkins AIDS Service
This site has an excellent animation of the life cycle of HIV, and illustrates specific points where drugs interrupt the HIV life cycle. A Flash plug-in is required to view the animation.

Cells Alive
This site has nice animations and text providing an overview of HIV infection and describing distinct stages of HIV infection.

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