Dihybrid Cross Problem Set

Problem 13: AaBb dihybrid cross involving epistasis.

Two unlinked loci effect mouse hair color. AA or Aa mice are agouti. Mice with genotype aa are albino because all pigment production is blocked, regardless of the phenotype at the second locus. At the second locus, the B allele (agouti coat) is dominant to the b allele (black coat). What would be the result of a cross between two agouti mice of genotype AaBb?

A. 4 agouti: 4 black: 8 albino
B. 9 agouti: 3 black: 3 albino: 1 grey
C. 9 agouti: 3 black: 4 albino
D. 8 agouti: 4 black: 4 albino

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