William J. Grimes, Ph.D.

Professional Experience

B.S. Chemistry, University of Colorado
National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow: Univ. of Colo.; Laboratory of Dr. Peter Albersheim
National Institute of Health Postdoctoral Fellow: Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Laboratory of Dr. Phillips W. Robbins
Assistant Professor; Department of Biochemistry, University of Arizona
Associate Professor; Department of Biochemistry, University of Arizona
Professor; Department of Biochemistry, University of Arizona
Faculty- Arizona Cancer Center

Honors and Awards

  1. Outstanding Teacher Award, Univ. Ariz. College of Medicine 1980 for Teaching Biochemistry to Medical Students
  2. Faculty of Sciences, Innovative Teaching Award 1986 Developing and teaching Freshman Biology, U. of A.
  3. Pima County- Service Award for Mountain Rescue Activities 1986
  4. Faculty of Sciences, Distinguished Advisor Award 1990 - Undergraduate Program in Biol. Sciences U of A
  5. Faculty of Sciences, Distinguished Teaching Award 1992- Developed Computerized Teaching Programs for Undergraduate Biology U of A.
  6. El Paso Natural Gas Foundation Faculty Achievement Award 1994.
  7. Faculty of Sciences, Distinguished Career Teaching Award 1997.
  8. College of Sciences Award for Distinguished Achievement in Science Education Through the Biology Project 2002.

Selected References

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Educational Activities on the World Wide Web

I have produced numerous tutorial activities, lectures and laboratories associated with the teaching of Biology. These can be found at http://www.blc.arizona.edu and http://www.biology.arizona.edu. The work includes:
  1. Lectures for Biology 181 students.
  2. Problem sets with associated tutorials.
  3. Problem sets to be submitted by students for grading.
  4. Full background and details of the HIV/AIDS laboratory, including a current discussion of recent progress in the treatment of AIDS.